Will Barcelona’s Gavi Play In EURO 2024?

The Barcelona football club is a proud one while the Spanish national team were previous champions of the UEFA’s EURO tournament. With that said, what of Pablo Martín Páez Gavira, also known as Barcelona’s Gavi?

Pablo Gavira is a Spaniard football player who plays the central midfielder position for La Liga club Barcelona. He also plays for the national team of Spain, which is relevant for the EURO 2024 tournament. Will he play for EURO 2024?

Pablo Gavira Won’t Play for EURO 2024

  • Gavi Won’t Play Due to Injury: Barcelona’s Gavira is expected to not become part of EURO 2024. It’s because he sustained an injury while playing with the Spain national team. The midfielder should miss out the rest of the 2023 to 2024 season, in fact, due to the extent of his knee issues. The Summer EURO 2024 is not possible.
  • What Sort of Injury Does He Have? The Spaniard has torn an anterior cruciate ligament on his right knee specifically. This means he’ll have to undergo treatment and rehabilitation for the injury and thusly will have to sit out EURO 2024 as a consequence.
  • When Did He Get the Injury? Gavi ended up with the knee tear during the EURO qualifier of Spain against Georgia. According to anonymous Barcelona sources, the 19-year-old superstar player is expected to get sidelined until at least the whole summer, after EURO 2024 is through.
  • According to Official Statements: According to official statements released by Barcelona, the young Spaniard footballer suffered an injury to the external meniscus inside the knee, thus it’s imperative that he get surgery and heal up until Summer 2024.
  • Lost Opportunities: EURO and UEFA league fans looking forward to a clash of the rookies between Gavira and Lamine Yamal or versus one of the top three players in the world Kylian Mbappe will have to look forward to it after the summer instead of during the EURO 2024 contest. Ditto with him missing out on Cristiano Ronaldo’s potential last tournament!
  • What Does Gavira Bring to the Table? Spain still has a strong national team, but Gavi from Barcelona brings so much to the table in terms of his raw skills as a professional footballer. The central midfielder has even won the Golden Boy award in 2022 as well as the Kopa Trophy during the Ballon d’Or ceremony in the same year.

When Pablo Gavira ended up with his knee injury, he could be seen landing awkwardly after leaping to control the ball during the 26th minute of the match. He’d then leave the field in tears of pain afterwards. The Football World all wish Gavira a speedy recovery.